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  • Lunch


    Executive Chef Anthony Pino


Artisan Cheeses Fiscalini, Smoky Blue, Mt. Tam                                    3/15

Cured Meats  Wild Boar,  Salami Picante,  Prosciutto de Parma        3/20

Combo plate     2 cheese & 2 meat                                                               24


Artichoke & potato rosti, poached egg, truffle cream  12

Meatballs and marinara, pecorino 11 (NGF)

Crispy calamari, hot peppers, capers & lemon 10

Rock shrimp, polenta, pecorino, and chilis 11

Pecorino fries/ Siracha fries 7

Old Bay fries  7

Truffle fries, romano, black pepper 11

Chicken wings, apple slaw, salsa verde  10

Charred octopus, lentils, fennel, ragout 13

Roasted beets, pickled red onions, goat cheese, pistachio  8

Eggplant parm wedges, mozzarella & sauce  10

Roasted brussesl sprouts, pancetta  8

Steak tartare, capers, pecorino, garlic crostini, mezze greens  16

Roasted butternut squash, Granny apples, currants  8




Toasted farro, dried cherries, toasted walnuts, watercress, Fiscalini

Baby kale caesar, chick peas, chorizo, croutons  10

Arugula, avocado, butternut, crisp apples, herb vinaigrette

Add chicken 5


Wild mushroom, burrata and arugula 14

Margherita, fresh mozzarella and basil 13

Prosciutto di Parma, fig, ricotta 15

Wild boar sausage, hot peppers, mozzarella, garlic spinach  14

Duck, cabbage, gorgonzola, currants, ricotta, poached egg  16

Beef bolognese, fresh mozzarella  15

Shaved black truffles, taleggio  21




Sausage and pepper, warm ricotta 5

Tuna tartare, jalapeño, scallions, capers 6

Crab & Avocado, Old Bay shoestrings    7

Wild mushroom, pecorino, truffle oil 4

Roasted tomato, basil, garlic, ricotta 4

Date, bacon, gorgonzola  4

Avocado, chorizo, pistachio, queso  4


Restaurant Reviews

  • NY Times Review, Oct 2, 2009

    NY Times

    “Small Portions With Wine To Match – rated Excellent”

  • Inside Jersey Magazine, 2/27/13

    New Jersey's Most Distinctive Meatballs

    New Jersey’s Most Distinctive Meatballs “…distinctly impressive, certainly ranking (alongside your grandmother’s recipe, of course) among the best New Jersey has to offer.”

  • Wine Spectator, 1/31-2/28 2013: 2013 Wine Lover’s Guide

    Travel The World With Wine

    Senior Editor Dana Nigro says, “The roughly 75 wines by the glass span the world and encourage exploration…with guidance provided by informed servers.”

  • Inside Jersey Magazine, 1/27/10

    B INventive

    Bin 14 an Inventive, Hip Hoboken Wine Bar

  • The Star-Ledger, 4/30/09

    3 Star Pizza

    3 stars – Pizza “so delightfully grown-up that your favorite slice of pepperoni pie suddenly seems a woefully poor cousin.”

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