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At Bin 14, we say “In Vino Veritas:” In wine, there is truth.

When Bin 14 opened in November 2008, it established Hoboken’s first and only wine bar. The restaurant features a contemporary blend of upscale Italian tapas (small plates) in an industrial chic space with exposed brick walls, tin molded ceilings and a marble top bar. Chef Anthony Pino’s menu has something for every appetite and has earned raves from the press and the guests alike. He celebrates classic Italian flavors while blending modern American approaches.

The wine list at Bin 14 is a perfect mix of flavors for every taste and every budget. Flights (groups of three or four samples of wine) are available to explore grapes, regions and flavors. The list offers more than 75 wines by the glass, so come on in for a taste.

At Bin 14, we say “In Vino Veritas:” In wine, there is truth.

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There’s always something new at Bin 14:

Whether it’s a new monthly tasting, a “wine of the moment”, or a new seasonal menu. We promise not to share your info with anyone.

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